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Our most popular treatments are laser hair removal, facials, eyebrow microblading, and eyelash extensions. Learn more about each treatment and pricing in our complete menu of services.

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  • If I could give her 10 stars , I would! Fanuza is amazing!!! I did my microblading, lip tattoo and now doing the laser. Love how clean and informative she is!

    Sophia N.
  • Much less painful than the experience I've had at another salon, and great results! Besides, Fanuza is such a pleasure to work with!

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Do you have any promotions on eyebrow microblading?

  • Eyebrow Microblading $300
  • Eyebrow Microblading with 30-days touch up $450
  • Eyebrow Microblading touch up $200.

How does eyebrow microblading work?

Our aesthetician first defines the shape of your desired brow, then uses a high-quality premium microblading tool to draw fine, hairlike strokes. Some aestheticians use tools that are duller, which can more painful. Our tools ensure that you will have a more comfortable experience and finer strokes.

How do eyelash extensions work?

We attach one or a few strands to each of your individual eyelashes, using a professional lashes from London Lash.
We recommend coming in for weekly retouches.

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What medications affect eyebrow microblading?

  • Thyroid Medication – Pigment/color fades more quickly for clients who take thyroid medications
  • Blood Thinning – Medications such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Fish oil, acetaminophen cause bleeding during procedure inhibiting the ability to implant pigment
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure medications – work against the blood platelets sticking together —> color loss
  • Diabetes & Chemotherapy – Slow healing of wounds —> high risk for infection
  • Botox – if client has had a Neurotoxin or fille, they should wait at least 3 weeks before a cosmetic treatment
  • Accutane – thins the skin, client must be off Accutane for ONE YEAR
  • Keloids – an area of irregular fibrous tissue formed at the site of a scar or injury. Not a good candidate for Microblading.

What should I know before doing laser hair removal?

  • NO antibiotics two weeks before the appointment
  • Shave the treated area the night before, first layer of your skin will be less sensitive
  • Deodorant needs to be removed
  • NO waxing, NO threading, NO tweezing, NO bleaching 4 weeks before appointment. Shaving ONLY
  • NO Accutane 6 month before appointment
  • NO Retin-A 2 weeks before appointment (facial treatments)
  • Valtrex can be taken 3 days before and 3 days after appointment (herpes treatments)

What are the benefits of your laser machine?

We use the Alma Soprano XL Machine. Did you know? Due to the unique Blend Mode capabilities and the DualChill Technique incorporated into the Soprano XL diode laser module, the procedure can be administrated without a topical anesthesia. However, some patients prefer to undergo the treatment using a topical anesthetics which renders the procedure without any sensation.

Topical anesthetics are generally applied for a period of time (up to 1 hour) prior to treatment and needs to be removed prior to treatment.

Alma manufacturer’s recommendation is Emla local anesthetic.

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What is the care process post-laser treatment?

Care should be taken to prevent trauma to the treated area for the first 4 to 5 days following the treatment:

  • Avoid hot baths
  • Avoid aerobic exercise and massage, NO sweating
  • Patients should apply SPF>30 sun protection, NO direct sunlight to the treated area at least 3-4 weeks. Tanning after treatment may enhance melanin regeneration which may result in hyper-pigmentation. The treated area needs to be covered with a dressing 10 days minimum.
  • NO make up after the treatment. Makeup can be applied on the net day.

When is laser hair removal not recommended?

Here are contraindications or conditions that make a particular laser treatment absolutely inadvisable:

* Hormonal disorders
* Pregnancy
* Diabetes
* Fragile and dry skin
* Sun exposure and any spray tanning (2-4 weeks “before and after” treatment)
* Epilepsy
* History of coagulopathies (bleeding disorder)
* Use of anticoagulants (agent that used to prevent the formation of blood clots)
* Active infection (herpes)
* Skin cancer
* Use of photosensitive medication
* History of keloid scarring (scar tissue)


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